What is The New Earth Project? What Does It DO?

This is one of many possible perspectives on these questions. The more Earth inhabitants gain clarity on these questions the closer we will be in the transformation the entire planet into a place that is worthy of us, The Human Beings.

New Earth is first of all a state of mind in which each of us Earth Dwellers decides to no longer accept the present horrific state of affairs on our beautiful Home Planet.

duality banner Sacha_7_28_14

This state of heart/mind then leads us to the firm decision to live differently. One such fellow Earth Dweller was moved to found The New Earth Project. His thoughts as to how we could all live together in a covenant of fellowship came together with many, many, many others of like Mind/Heart. Their collective thought-form morphed into The New Earth that now already exists quite clearly in our Hearts. This project is the outwardly perceived expression of the yearning in the Hearts of all women, men and children of good-will on this planet.

This tremendous thought-energy, powered by our emotions, is now translating into physical motion as action. In a nutshell we might say that The New Earth Project is the physical result of the Earth Inhabitants’ joint conviction that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

What does this new collective entity New Earth Project do? It does whatever its constituent parts decide at any given moment and that right now is showing up as the burgeoning thrust to create communities in which we can all live our dream of Humanity freed from all bondage.

No one will live in a better world by following any project. The New Earth Project is about each of us leading. We include ourselves in the creation minute by minute and day by day by living according to a completely New Paradigm right now. It is a new way of thinking, feeling and acting with everyone we meet, whether in the flesh in this physical density or in the Noosphere, the thinking layer of the Earth.

If this has whet your appetite, please study the 19 pages of the Presentation here.  and then download and work through the 49 pages of the Blueprint: download here. Bring your thoughts and desires to this table of Humanity either on this blog or on the New Earth Facebook page.

Share your ideas on The New Earth and how we can realize it with your friends, your networks, and your relatives. It is time, for we are the ones we have been waiting for and we are not waiting any longer!

These documents are the starting point, not the end point, for our great endeavor to co-create our own reality on the Earth, the New Earth. Many more thoughts will be brought up by each of us who includes ourselves as co-creators in the spirit of Universal Fellowship, and so it is indeed a work in progress.

This is the basis for a better understanding of what it is that we are building, the details of where, how and the involvement of us all for us all. Thank you for your patience and continuing interest in this most exciting dawn of so much possibility. Again, please keep checking for updates, sharing the love and appreciation of all that can be.

15 thoughts on “What is The New Earth Project? What Does It DO?

  1. My (our) conciousness is finally a vibration that can be tuned if we know how, and to what vibration we wish to align. Peace is a choice I make by declaring Peace From Within, authored by generating Love of Self through my actions.

  2. There are many paths I’m being drawn to, which will help heal the planet and her inhabitants. But the path that is really speaking to me currently is to open Healing Heart Centers run by Light workers where non-violent offenders who break the law and end up in prison can go instead to get the help they need. Prisons are mostly for profit, which makes them a conflict of interest for helping people get better so they never end up there again. The prisons wouldn’t make money that way. So my idea to open centers nation, or even worldwide, where people can go to learn meditation, chakra balancing and healing, emotional well-being, getting rid of the negative stories that keep them addicted and in a state of duality, etc, is where I’m focusing.

    Punishing people with more abuse in a prison system, does not help solve the issues that got them there in the first place. I realize that for violent offenders, it’s the best we have right now, and they must be kept separated from society. But those souls who have lost there way, but have no intentions or motivations to hurt others in any way, deserve a chance to get in touch with their own inner light, while not being subjected to hard core criminals. They will be more inclined to receive help that will heal them from the inside out, rather than instill them with fear and force them into submission, which is what prisons do.

    I’m looking for financial backing and partners who are interested in helping with this endeavor. I realize it’s quite a lofty goal, where laws would have to be changed, and teams of people with different professional backgrounds with a focus on the spiritual and metaphysical would need to come together to see this through. But I also know that the world is rapidly changing and people across the globe are awakening to the truth that we are all one, and if we can tip the scales in favor of love and compassion for all, the world just may find peace in our lifetime.
    Blessings of love and light to all.

    • Hello Sheri and welcome to New Earth! You are focusing on a very poignant area of the Babylonian matrix: the prison population within the prison planet, as which this entire planet is sometimes seen. We are dedicating our efforts to those who are looking for an altogether new playing field, sovereign in its own right. Our efforts are focused on bringing us all into a new reality here on the ground!

      Our suggestion is that you open up our latest New Earth Nation Status Update and carefully look for the contact email that would most align with your interest. Here is the link: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=e3e0f58ee88ba259cc6967d50&id=cb429bb6a9&e=b1c7a6987c

      Blessings on your valuable work! Peace…

  3. Hi from Texas, U.S. Love what we’ve been hearing in regards to The New Earth Project. I’m sure that Sacha Stone is extremely busy, but I cannot think of two more beautiful souls to direct towards each other, than he and Kala Ambrose. She is a published author and speaker, with an online radio program called Explore Your Spirit. It would be amazing if these ideas could be shared with her, and her listeners. Her site is http://www.exploreyourspirit.com . Contrariwise, I would be happy to contact her on facebook, and direct her towards you, if you’d like. Spreading the information is the best way I can think of to contribute!

    ~Peace, Love & Namaste

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